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Tom Flamino

Well, it all started for me when I was about 8 years old hearing many different styles of music and playing on Mom’s pot and pans with her wooden spoons. I was banging away trying to get the beat to whatever I was listening to. Doo Wop, Jazz, whatever I heard I tied to copy the beat. Wanting a set a drums was my dream but times were tough in the 60’s money was tight for most families back then. After many years of wanting a set my Mom took me to the local music store and purchased a Ludwig drum set like Ringo’s from the Beatles played only in my favorite color Blue Sparkle. I quickly learned to use my pots and pans skills on the skins and was off to making music.

I then teamed up with a couple of my buddies Frank Klein, and Jim Carroll and we started our first band Jay Walker and The Pedestrians with our manager Jack Kaplan. Soon after we were playing shows for people and having a great time playing surf tunes and other rock songs from that time. We only played for a few years together and everyone was off to other adventures in our lives. I got married and started a family and put the drums away. Many years had passed and my kids were all grown and on their own and the music bug came to me this was 1999.

I started placing ads in the local free papers for people who want to jam and have some fun. Every weekend my house would be filled with guys who wanted to play music soon I found some guys from our jam and Three Hour Tour was born. We practiced twice a week for at least a year and we were ready to play gigs and have some fun. Well it lasted for a little while and in 2005, I left the band as we had some different ideas on how and what we should do. I played for the summer with Mainstream band and had fun for the brief gig. So it was back to ads again for me and went thru many different people and started Remember Then “A Blast To The Past”. Having many changes in the lineup over the years we have evolved into a three piece power trio playing many many gigs every year and have fun doing it. My drumming has not stopped and I continue to learn everyday what it takes to be the drummer of the band.

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 Diana D'Itri

It all started many years ago in Costa Mesa, California in front of the family fireplace, when my sister and I would sing and perform for anyone who would watch and listen. Using the hearth as our stage, we would perform songs of the day and act out silly skits to the obvious delight of our dear old dad, rest his soul.

From there, our family moved to Irvine, CA and we were lucky enough to rent a home with a baby grand piano.  I started learning how to read music and play the piano from my mom, who had been priviledged to take piano lessons as a child. 

After moving and leaving the piano behind, I entered my early adulthood and started waitressing at a local restaurant and bar in Irvine. In those days, there was a band on every corner of every town and I ended up joining one of the local show bands as they were heading out on the road, starting my professional singing career.

The band performed across the western US and when I came home, I started singing in local bands in the So Cal area. As the years progressed, I got married and raised 4 children, all the while singing in various bands and writing songs.  Some of my musical highlights included an all girl originals band in the 80’s and 20 years as the house dance band atop the beautiful Newport Beach Marriott.

I began playing guitar and keyboards about 15 years ago and its been my great joy to not only sing but accompnay others as well.

Fast forward to today, I’m pleased to join Remember Then as their keyboardist and 3d wheel. Playing bass and keys and singing is what I love best and I’m thrilled to be working with quality musiicans who, like me, have, well, been around! 

From pop to rock to jazz, soul and country, variety is the spice of life and that’s why performing many styles of classic music makes me happiest and seems to work quite well for keeping audiences happy, too!

Paul Gomez.


My name is Paul Gomez.  I  grew up in Colorado and stared playing guitar at an early age. I came to Los Angeles to study at (GIT) Guitar Institute in Hollywood. I play guitar, bass guitar, and piano. I have toured with various blues and rock groups. I have toured with little Milton, Redbone, The Coasters, and The Ink Spots. I'm now ready to have lots of fun with Remember Then Band.

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